Valencia: The Movie/s

An ambitious feature film/experiment adapted from Michelle Tea’s classic fiction-memoire Valencia (1999).

A DIY collaboration between 21 filmmakers, each of whom accepted the challenge of translating one chapter of the award-winning novel Valencia into a short film.
Silas Howard directed CHAPTER 9, in which Michelle finds herself, and her lover Iris, in the maelstrom of Iris’s sister’s wedding. Culture clash in the midst of family dysfunction and a near-dog-tragedy come to a head as we witness the complications of judge-y escape artists trying to go home again.

Valencia wins best experimental film at Polari Film Festival, Austin TX

Valencia received Completion Fund grant and premiered last June to a sold out CASTRO THEATER (FRAMELINE Film Festival) and sold out the REDCAT THEATER in LA during OUTFEST film festival! At MIX NYC, for its NYC premiere we had two sold out screenings. The kids seem to love it.

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