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Silas Howard

Silas Howard is an award winning director and writer, with a longtime focus in telling honest, boundary-shattering narratives filled with groundbreaking characters.


Silas directed Season 3 episode 7:  “The primary stories in “Dongle” involve a recently emigrated Puerto Rican construction ...

Not one to miss out on a trend, Netflix’s latest installment of Tales of the City, based on the ...

“Dickinson is a different kind of origin story, one that co-opts the myth of Emily Dickinson to peel ...

“If there is a term for gasping, laughing and crying simultaneously, that is what this scene made me ...

The ‘Pose’ cast and creative team are poised for greatness – here’s where you’ve seen them before currently ...


Silas Howard is an award winning director and writer, with a longtime focus in telling honest, boundary-

Beyond the headlines and debates about gender rights witness the multidimensional lives of seven transgender

A YouTube Red Original Series Experience a new generation of passions, obsessions and rivalries in STEP

Nominated for 10 EMMYS – winner of 2 EMMYS in its first season. Silas Howard joins the This ...

Nominated for 11 EMMYS in its first season. Silas Howard returns to the Transparent team for Season 3.

The Fosters is an American family drama television series created by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg

Faking It is an American single-camera romantic comedy series that premiered on MTV on April 22, 2014.

Artist: AB Soto Song: “¡Qué Rico!” Director: Silas Howard Cinematographer: Moira Morel

Synopsis: A celebration of intergenerational badass feminine power, featuring The Legends of Burlesque, a

Nominated for 11 EMMYS in its first season. Silas Howard joins the Transparent team for Season 2 as

Season 2 Synopsis: HUDSON VALLEY BALLERS returns for season 2 with 8 new episodes. Created by SNL

Synopsis: In San Fransisco in the late 90’s, the dancers at the Lusty Lady confront dangerous labor practices ...

** Read the Pitchfork interview: Silas Howard on the Unsinkable Bambi Lake and San Francisco’s History of

Synopsis: “The Golden Age of Hustlers” captures the 1970’s gay hustler scenes of pre-HIV/AIDS era on Polk

An ambitious feature film/experiment adapted from Michelle Tea’s classic fiction-memoire Valencia (1999).

SUNSET STORIES (2012) Synopsis: When May returns to LA and runs smack into JP, the man she left behind,

Artist: AB Soto Song: “Keep it Moving” Director: Silas Howard Cinematographer/Editor: Janis Vogel

Logline: A rumination on the dangers of first crushes, the weight of clean guns and the habits of sea

(2002) Synopsis: Three weeks in the life of a gender-bending, small-town dishwasher with a nagging

(2006) An irreverent tour guide for dealing with the inevitable. A short documentary about the life and

Song: “Brother” Label: Ace Fu Records Director: Silas Howard Producers: Standard Quality Played on MTV2

Song: “Final Transmission” Label: HELLCAT RECORDS Directors: Ben Peyser, Silas Howard DP: Ben Peyser

Song: “Living” Label: Warner Brothers Director: Silas Howard Producers: Draw Pictures and Standard Quality

Inspired by the true story of jazz musician Billy Tipton. Set in the luminous underground world of 1940’s