High Maintenance: Season 3, Episode 7

Silas directed Season 3 episode 7: 

“The primary stories in “Dongle” involve a recently emigrated Puerto Rican construction worker (Cedric Leiba Jr.) who crushes on a bodega worker (Juan Torres-Falcon), and a young girl (Thandi Inès) who saves her family’s fireworks display, but the episode comes alive in the B-plot starring The Guy and Lee (Britt Lower). They attend a “Holidazzle” boat party thrown by Lee’s friends together only for her to feel judged by the crowd, including The Guy’s ex-wife Jules (Kate Lyn Sheil). We finally learn why: Lee publicly defended her actor ex-husband’s abusive behavior before he was #MeToo’d, and even though she left him, she still has to live with that choice. The Guy stands up for Lee to Jules, but also discovers the ways in which he and Lee are simply not simpaticoHigh Maintenance excels at depicting the weight of casual disappointments, such as the moment when Lee can’t even fake enthusiasm for the fireworks display that The Guy so clearly wanted to share with her. Sometimes the best chemistry takes a backseat to very messy baggage.” -Vulture


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